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Attendance Information


Westwood makes every effort to promote good school attendance. As parents you have a responsibility to ensure good attendance, promoting the development of important lifetime skills and attitudes. 
Each child is expected to be in school regularly and on time unless:
1. Prevented by illness
2. Pre-excused with reason

When Your Child is Absent from School

Call the attendance number, 952-806-7202. The attendance number is in operation 24 hours a day. Call anytime to report an absence. Please call each day your child is absent and leave the following information:
1. Your name
2. Your child's name, grade, and teacher
3. Reason for absence
If the school does not hear from you and your child is absent, the school Health Service Associate will attempt to contact you by telephone.

Early Dismissal / Late Arrival

Please make every effort to schedule appointments for children outside of school hours. Any time a student is picked up by a parent/guardian, the adult is expected to sign out the child and escort the child from school to the car.
To leave school early:
1. Send a note to the school stating dismissal date and time
2. Parent/guardian stops at the school office to:
a. Ask the office personnel to call the teacher for your child
b. Sign your child out on the sign-out sheet

When arriving at school late:

1. Send a note to school in advance to explain reason for late arrival.
2. If no note is sent, please call in and report the late arrival on the attendance line.
3. Parents must escort their child into the building and report into the health office before going to the classroom
4. Your child will be marked tardy if there is not a legitimate excuse
Attendance records of all students are reviewed by the building administration. Excused absences include illness, professional appointments, family emergencies, etc. Unexcused absences include missing the bus, baby-sitting siblings, oversleeping, or no clean clothes.

Unexcused Absences

If there is concern about a student's attendance record, the following steps will be taken:
1. Letter to parents/guardian documenting nature of the concern
2. Telephone call to the home (documented)
3. Conference with school principal (documented with follow-up letter to parents)
4. Attend meeting with Bloomington's School Attendance Review Board
5. Truancy filing with Hennepin County Attorney's Office
Personal and Family Vacation Pre-arrangement Policy

Family Vacation Prearrangement Policy

When at all possible family trips should be planned so as to not interfere with a student’s school attendance and education. If this cannot be arranged and students must be absent from school for the purpose of a personal family matter or family vacation a pre-arrangement form must be filled out.
In order to help you in planning and accommodate your request, forms need to be turned in to the school office at least 5 school days prior to departure.
Students will be marked as unexcused for trips occurring on State mandated testing dates. Please check with your child’s teacher for the schedule of testing dates for their classroom.
Parents/Students need to contact the teacher and make arrangements for makeup work before turning this form in to the office. Students are responsible for all missed assignments.
Personal and Family Vacation Pre-arrangement Form: English, Spanish

Arrival Time

If your child does not ride the bus, please time his/her arrival no earlier than 8:30 am.

Emergency School Closings

In the event that school may be closed due to weather conditions, please listen to WCCO - 830 AM or KSTP - 1500 AM. Weather and school closing information can also be found on the Bloomington Public Schools web site.


It is important that we keep our lines open. This is a good time to review with your child what procedure they should follow if school is closed early due to inclement weather. Kid's Safari is NOT an option when there is an emergency school closing.