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Peter Peterson

Music Specialist
Westwood Elementary
(952) 806-7243

Hello and welcome to Westwood Music. My name is Jon Peterson and I have been teaching music for over 25 years, most of those at Westwood. I am married with 2 children, a dog, 2 cats, 2 cars, and more than 2 guitars. I am looking forward to sharing my love of music with your children. Lets have a great year!


In the Bloomington music curriculum, students progress through a sequence of skills and knowledge that are based on 9 national standards for music education. Only some of these are scored on the student report card.


Kindergarten: echo short phrases, explore vocal range and sounds
Grade 1: ability to produce a wide range of vocal tones and sing accurately patterns using sol-mi and la
Grade 2: accurately sing songs with a limited range of a sixth, from middle D up to B and middle F up to D
Grade 3 accurately sing songs using the full octave (8 notes),
Grade 4: accurately sing songs using more than the octave and including interval jumps
Grade 5: sings one part in a 2-part song and accurately maintains own part


Kindergarten: performs steady beat,
Grade 1: rhythm patterns using beat, divided beat and silence and simple melodic patterns
Grade 2: patterns include whole and half notes and melodies include the 5-tone pentatonic scale
Grade 3: rhythms include sixteenth note patterns and 5 tone melodies,
Grade 4: maintain pattern in a multiple-part ensemble, 5-tone melodies on recorder, dotted rhythms
Grade 5: rhythmic and harmonic accompaniments, wind, percussion, and string exploration.

Class Name Periods
G108-MU 118 Music Gr 1
G108-MU 119 Music Gr 1
G108-MU 120 Music Gr 1
G208-MU 314 Music Gr 2
G208-MU 316 Music Gr 2
G208-MU 317 Music Gr 2
G308-MU 306 Music Gr 3
G308-MU 307 Music Gr 3
G308-MU 309 Music Gr 3
G408-MU 203 Music Gr 4
G408-MU 205 Music Gr 4
G408-MU 208 Music Gr 4
G508-MU 214 Music Gr 5
G508-MU 215 Music Gr 5
KG08-MU 121 Music Gr K MUSIC (Main)
KG08-MU 123 Music Gr K MUSIC (Main)
KG08-MU 124 Music Gr K MUSIC (Main)